Agnieszka Czaikowska, general practitioner

Agnieszka is a young doctor from Poland. Her grandparents, who were both doctors, did everything they could to share with her their passion for their job.
But this is only when she joined the medicine school in Poland that she finally started enjoying the idea of being a doctor.

Agnieszka speaks perfect Polish, English, Portuguese, and German. Her French is really fair too but she prefers to say the opposite. After her studies she did a 6 months internship in Lisbon at Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Lisboa Central – Hospital de São José, at the surgery department. Afterwards she was offered a job in the emergency department. This is how she officially settled in Lisbon in 2015.

When she is not on duty there, she is happy to work at Alegria for the relaxed atmosphere, the nice view from the consultation room, and the insights she learns from each patient’s cultural differences.
Agnieszka loves emergencies. She likes listening to the patients and their stories.
She often reminds them what signs should alert them and make them rush to the ER or visit their doctor quickly. The reaction is the key when it comes to health emergencies.

During her little free time, Agnieszka practices horse riding, a demanding sport as riders have to be technically good, and able to deal with the animal. It is the same thing when you are a doctor, knowledge and humanity are both required.

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