This type of therapy is a mind-body approach that considers the body and its language as a gateway to well-being.

The traces of our experience can be recorded in the form of muscular tensions, blockages, or the devitalisation of certain areas of the body. The aim is to put back into motion the energetic circulation that may have been blocked by unresolved past conflicts.

This approach proposes to get in touch with repairing and revitalising resources (vital energy) thanks to several principles such as body awareness (perception of sensations), breathing, movement, emotional expression, and rooting (anchoring in the ground).

Bioenergetic analysis is for everyone: children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly.

When to consult an analist therapist?

Course of the session

INSPECTION: Often practised as part of a psychologicaly follow-up, the psychotherapist talks at length with the patient in order to discover the reason for the consultation, the bio-psycho-social context, the personal, medical, and family history, and the life habits.

THE PRACTICE: Based on the patient’s verbal, body, and relational language, the psychotherapist proposes energy, muscular, cardio-vascular, emotional, and psychological regulation exercises in order to release tensions and open up to more vitality and expression.

FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS: The duration of the follow-up will be adapted according to the problem and the request of each person.

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