This is the specialty that deals with the prevention and treatment of travel-related diseases, especially in tropical countries.

The travel doctor informs the patient about the possible health risks of the region, as well as the need for vaccination or preventive treatment. Finally, they treat any disorders or illnesses that may have occurred during the trip.

When to consult a travel doctor?

  • Information on the health risks of a destination

  • Pre-travel vaccination

  • Prescription of a preventive treatment

  • Treatment of a tropical disease

Course of the visit

INFORMATION: The travel doctor interviews the patient to find out about the trip destination, personal, medical, and family history.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Blood pressure, stethoscope auscultation, palpation of the abdomen, ENT check, and possibly a temperature check.

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: The doctor may prescribe one or more vaccinations or preventive treatments (anti-malaria) before departure, depending on the destination.

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