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“I feel happy and filled with a great experience and good energy.”

EFT is a method of stimulating acupuncture points

These are the words spoken by Mrs. S after her EFT sessions with Beatrice de Possesse. Mrs. S has often used alternative and complementary therapies to take care of her health, but this was her first experience with EFT which she likens to acupuncture.

EFT is a gentle but effective technique

This time, she wanted to treat a personal problem, and Beatrice de Possesse’s announcement came at the right time. “The sessions took place in a calm, serene atmosphere, almost like a reunion … there was a great simplicity and I was fully heard.

I have only needed two sessions so far, as Beatrice’s professionalism has allowed the subject to be dealt with very effectively and quickly.”

EFT combines dialogue and stimulation of acupuncture points

She would describe this brief therapy as a two-phase method: A very important listening phase on the part of the practitioner, who must be gifted with a very rapid capacity for listening, understanding and analysis. A second phase of “tapping”, to reinstall/reset behaviours, ideas and desires to deal with the subject. It is simply a verbal and energetic exchange with a great richness.”

EFT to deal with emotional issues in a calm manner

Mrs. S recommends that anyone wishing to deal with emotional issues in a calm, serene, and gentle manner try EFT with a professional therapist and without judgement.

Beatrice de Possesse is the perfect person. “She is serene and a good listener. She is very analytical, responsive and kind. She is genuine and has a lot of empathy.”

EFT for everyone

EFT is effective in treating stress and anxiety, emotional and relationship management, self-confidence, phobias and trauma.  It is suitable for adults, teenagers and children.

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