Quit smoking with hypnosis

Arrêt du tabac et hypnose

I stopped smoking thanks to hypnosis

“Hypnotherapy helped me a lot. It is a gentle method and an interesting and effective experience. Since that session with Claire Colson last year, and thanks to her support on consecutive days, I have not felt the need or the desire to light up a cigarette again.”

Tell us about your former smoking life

“As a student, I used to smoke about 15 cigarettes a day. Then smoking became more social.  While I enjoyed smoking, I could see that it was becoming more and more tiring. Not to mention the many inconveniences: the lack of breath, the bad smells, the feeling of withdrawal… without forgetting that, above all, it is dangerous for your health. It is said that it can even cause terrible diseases!”

So deep down I really wanted to stop, but not necessarily the courage. Maybe I was also afraid that I would miss something or that it would change me. I can already answer that I don’t miss anything today and that everything that changes afterwards is positive and rather pleasant.

Had you ever tried to quit smoking ? 

I tried a few years ago to quit on my own and it was a total fiasco in the end. After this kind of experience, it’s very difficult to find the motivation to stop. But there, I think I was ready, I wanted to, and the method suited me. Hypnosis was not unknown to me but I had never experienced it before.”

Can you tell us more about the hypnosis experience?

“I heard about Claire Colson and her hypnosis therapy for smoking, I got motivated and made an appointment with confidence as Claire Colson is a practitioner with a reputation for professionalism, listening and caring.

The session starts with a series of questions about background and motivation, then comes hypnosis during 40 minutes. Once I am well seated, Claire talks to me in a soft, clear and pleasant voice. I listen to her very carefully, concentrated. Soon my eyes become heavy and I close them. I keep listening fully and distinguish well what she is telling me. This is very pleasant. I am not asleep, but I am aware of everything, very relaxed. I receive the words without thinking too much. At the end, I almost wanted to continue this reassuring and comfortable experience longer… At the end I felt calm, serene and in great shape. I just couldn’t wait to find out if it was going to pay off and help me.”

And afterwards, how did you feel?

“To be honest, the next few days were not easy. But I kept going, in part thanks to Claire’s after-sales service. She had also recorded her voice during our session and sent it to me. Listening to it again during the moments of doubt helps to re-instill a little more motivation. I kept telling myself that I had the ability to hold on, that it was my decision and that I was right to do so. But deep down I was convinced that this was a decision I could be proud of and that it would do me a lot of good.

Very quickly after that moment of doubt, I started to feel a real disgust for cigarettes, smoke… I think that was it and it hasn’t changed since.”

A year later, how do you feel?

“Today, I feel my body and my mind are more available, more efficient, more solid. I also think I have regained my concentration. My stomach aches have also diminished considerably. When I look back I rather enjoyed my quitting and experienced it in a much calmer and more purposeful way than my previous experience alone.”

Do you have anything to add?

“So of course I recommend hypnosis therapy to anyone who is motivated and receptive – as long as it is practiced by the best!”

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