Who are we?

Alegria Medical Centre is a clinic dedicated to internationals in Lisbon. The centre was founded to provide medical responses in several languages to patients living in or visiting Portugal.

After discovering that it was difficult for foreigners to get clear communication when being treated in Portugal, we created Alegria Medical Centre.

As a medical centre where the international community can be understood and well cared for by international doctors and staff, Alegria is also their gateway to the Portuguese medical system.

Our values

  1. Service
    We love people! We want to make their lives easier. As long as we can continue to help them, brighten their day, and teach them something, we will do so.
  2. Professionalism
    We love people! We want them to be well looked after. The 3 watchwords when we expand our team with new health professionals are qualifications, ethics, and humanity. We select our medical partners on the same criteria.
  3. Efficiency
    We love people! We want them to be taken care of in the shortest possible time. We respond to requests and try to satisfy them quickly. Even if a delay is always possible, we make sure that it remains exceptional.
médecin avecc une enfant

La dreamteam

Our vision

photo du batiment extérieur du centre

At Alegria, we believe in integrative medicine! There is no need to choose between alternative medicine and allopathic medicine, as we believe one cannot exist without the other! In fact, we dream of a world where the general practitioner will send his patients to the naturopath and the gynaecologist will send hers to the sophrologist!

At Alegria, we are internationals serving internationals. Our doctors are or have been foreigners at some point in their lives, so they know and understand the problems associated with expatriation.

Our main objective is a constant search for efficiency in the treatment process: to treat autonomously and in situ thanks to the combination of expertise in general medicine, gynaecology, paediatrics, high-level sport, tropical diseases, osteopathy, hyperbaric medicine, and the treatment of initial emergencies. The medical team is comprised of French doctors and local specialists.

Our news