Family medicine is the medical specialty that follows the patient as a whole and continuously. The general practitioner or family doctor is the health contact for families.

He receives patients of all ages and is often the doctor to whom the patient first turns. They are involved in health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

They also have an important role in listening and providing clear messages to be properly understood.

Because they generally know their patients well, GPs can perceive small physical or psychological changes, the first signs of a disorder or disease. At Alegria medical centre GPs can see adults and children

When to consult a Family doctor?

Course of the visit

INFORMATION: the family doctor interviews the patient to find out the reason for consultation, allergies, personal, medical, and family history, professional and daily activities, and lifestyle.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: blood pressure, auscultation with a stethoscope, palpation of the abdomen, ENT check, and possibly temperature check.

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: the doctor shares his diagnosis with the patient. He may prescribe a treatment or additional tests (X-rays, analyses), he may also refer the patient to a specialist or therapist. A follow-up appointment is often scheduled.


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