« Never be so smart you forget to be kind. Never be so kind you forget to be smart. »

Sara grew up on the island of Madeira. When she was 18, she moved to Lisbon to study medicine and never left. Although there are no doctors in her family, she has always felt a deep desire to help others. Sara loves to travel, which allows her to visit her relatives scattered all over the world, and she has a particular passion for gastronomy.

Sara chose general practice for its diversity and to be able to follow her patients through the different stages of their lives. She is particularly interested in family planning, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases. On top of that, she loves acute care because she’s an adrenaline junkie.

She loves helping people feel better and guiding them through life’s challenges. She spends time listening to and advising her patients, stressing the importance of mental awareness and a good state of mind. She firmly believes that mental health plays a crucial role in overall well-being.

Sara avoids prescribing treatments willy-nilly, preferring an individualised approach that takes account of each patient’s specific needs. Always keen to learn, she is constantly seeking to expand her knowledge to provide better care for her patients.

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Her training

2013 – 2017 : Specialisation in General and Family Medicine – USF Conde Saúde – Aces Arrábida

2005 – 2011 : Integrated Masters in Medicine – Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon

Additional training: AED training (Automated External Defibrillator)

Spoken languages : Portuguese, English, Spanish

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