The treatment room is intended to receive patients who need minor emergency or non-emergency treatment. It is also the place where patients can have their vitals checked in the case of chronic disease for example.

The nurse performs most of the procedures, although some procedures are still performed by the doctor.

When should you consult a nurse?

  • Injection (with prescription)

  • Single dressing

  • Complex dressing

  • Stitches / staples removal

  • Vital signs monitoring (blood pressure, blood sugar)

  • Therapeutic education

The course of the visit

The nurse discusses with the patient the reason for the consultation and collects the necessary information for follow-up.

The nurse then performs the procedure in question except in the following cases:

  • An emergency: the patient will then be referred to the nearest emergency room.
  • A procedure requiring the intervention of a doctor: the doctor in charge will be consulted.
  • An injection without a prescription: the patient will have to meet the doctor in charge to get a prescription.
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