Psychology is part of the human sciences. It is the study of psychological facts, behaviours, and mental processes. Psychology is practiced by psychologists.

Consulting a psychologist is necessary when you feel unhappy and cannot be relieved on your own or with those around you, or when the problems you experience do not allow you to have a satisfactory social, professional, or personal life.

When to consult a psychologist?

Course of the first session

FIRST CONTACT is essential, as it will allow the psychologist to understand the context and the problem. They will first try to understand what brings the person to the consultation. They will then analyse the request and propose a treatment approach, as well as support and accompany the person in this process of change.

On the patient’s side, this is an opportunity to check that the chosen psychologist is suitable. Indeed, it is essential to feel confident and be able to speak freely. The psychologist’s listening skills and empathy will help the patient to better understand their difficulties and the way they function.


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