This therapeutic hypnosis focuses on the “how to get better” rather than the “why it’s bad”. It is SOLUTION oriented

The patient and the therapist work together toward a common goal: finding a lasting improvement in the patient’s situation. By using mental suggestions, hypnosis transforms negative perceptions of an experience into more positive perceptions of that experience.

This allows for a different understanding or view of a situation and thus changes inappropriate behavior related to it.

Hypnosis helps to overcome difficulties, to improve our lives, to know ourselves better, to become the person we have always wanted to be, and by activating our potential sometimes buried.

When should you consult an hypnotherapist?

Course of the session

Between 2 and 4 sessions of hypnotherapy are sufficient to get results

THE FIRST SESSION: It lasts 1h30. The hypnotherapist has a long discussion with the patient in order to discover the reason for consultation, the bio psychosocial context, the personal, medical, and family antecedents, the life habits, the diet in order to seek the cause of the symptoms. Then comes the practice of hypnosis.

HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: They last about 1 hour. The patient sits or lies down, listening to the mental suggestions given by the practitioner. 1, 2, or 3 sessions can be spaced a few weeks apart until the expected result is reached.

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