This psycho-corporal method is essentially based on physical and mental relaxation obtained through breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and the visualization of soothing images.

Sophrology uses static relaxation exercises and dynamic relaxation (gentle movements associated with breathing).

All these techniques help regain a state of well-being, reconnect with the body, minimize mental ruminations, and activate our full potential. Sophrology also allows us to get a better knowledge of ourselves and to approach everyday life with serenity. It is suitable for both adults and children.


When should you consult a sophrologist?

The sophrologist accompanies you in your objective´s realization :

Course of the session

THE PRE-SOPHONIC DIALOGUE: time of sharing,  to review the previous session and the day’s session (objectives, benefits, protocol).

THE PRACTICE: “listening to the body” and visualization exercises using static or dynamic techniques, guided by the sophrologist.

THE POST-SOPHONIC DIALOGUE: the practitioner expresses himself on the experiment of the session (feeling, sensations, visualization)

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