Podiatry, the speciality of plantar pressure and posture, analyses the interactions between the feet and the body, detecting posture problems and assessing any compensations.

The podiatrist offers treatments including the conception of orthopaedic insoles to correct morphological disorders and rebalance posture when walking or running.

Restoring the foot’s functionality positively impacts the musculoskeletal system, relieving back and joint pain for instance.

Podiatry is also essential in preventing and treating sports injuries and pathologies such as osteoarthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis. Consultations are recommended for joint problems, walking difficulties or specific needs, at any age, whether you are a sportsperson or not.

  • Prevention/Treatment of sports injuries

  • Improvement of sports performance

  • Growth issues in children

  • Walking difficulties or limping in children and adults

  • Posture problems

  • Joint pain

  • Heel, ankle, knee and leg pain

  • Foot/Toe/Nail problems

  • Back pain

The course of the session

INVESTIGATION: At the first appointment, the podiatrist discusses with the patient to understand the reason for consultation, personal, medical, and family history, professional and daily activities, as well as lifestyle habits.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: The podiatrist carries out a podiatric assessment including a clinical examination, a posture assessment using a posturometer, a barometric analysis to study static and dynamic pressures, and possibly an analysis of running on a treadmill to observe body position, stride, cadence, etc.

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: the podiatrist may recommend orthopaedic insoles, exercises, or referral to another health professional (osteopath, physiotherapist, etc.). The prescribed insoles will be available within a week during a quick appointment. It is advisable to wear underwear suitable for the medical examination and to bring the results of any additional tests (X-rays, MRI, ultrasound scans), as well as your street shoes and sports shoes for athletes.

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