Naturopathy uses natural methods such as diet, essential oils, phytotherapy (medicinal plants), natural food supplements, or detoxification to help the patient achieve an optimal lifestyle.

It is a holistic approach that considers the body as a whole and leads it to re-establish its self-healing capacities and to optimise its vitality.

The therapist seeks to rebalance rather than focus on relieving a symptom, as symptoms often reflect a global imbalance. Naturopathy can be used alone or as a complement to allopathic recommendations.

When to consult a naturopath?

Course of the session

INFORMATION: The naturopath interviews the patient to discover the reason for the consultation, the bio-psycho-social context, the personal, medical, and family history, the lifestyle, and the diet to find the cause of the symptoms. The first session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

PROGRAMME DEVELOPMENT: The naturopath proposes an individual, personalized program that may consist of a dietary adjustment, a change in lifestyle, and the use of food supplements or plants.

FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION: The patient and the naturopath evaluate the first results obtained, adjust, and set the next objectives until the expected result is achieved.

Prices :
1st appointment (1h30): 90 euros
Subsequent appointments (1 hour): 70 euros

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