« Since I was a child, I know that I must heal with my hands »

Diane is a Luso-descendant, so she naturally took the opportunity she was offered to come and work in Lisbon in 2021.

To prove his childhood certainty right, she has done everything to train as an osteopath. She also traveled to Asia where she could learn some local techniques.

Having a passion for teaching too she took a university degree in anatomy to be able to teach one day.
What she likes about her job is to clear up the psycho-somatic-emotional context, i.e. to understand what is behind the pain.

Her tools

  • Osteopathy

  • Craniosacral techniques

  • Fascia techniques

  • Visceral techniques

  • Myotensive techniques

What she most often treats

Her training

2011 à 2016 : Osteopathy diploma, Paris School of Osteopathy. Initial training in 5 years

2009 – 2011 : Faculty of Medicine, Paris XIII

Spoken languages : english, french, portuguese, spanish

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