« Just as the band We Trust sing in their song "Time": "It's better not to stop moving". »

Sara Azevedo has lived in all regions of Portugal, moving 26 times to 10 different cities due to her father’s occupation as a judge. She became a family doctor because she finds fulfilment in helping others, with her favourite aspect being communication with her patients. She describes it as a dance, involving different rhythms, non-verbal cues, psychological support, and adjustments.

Sara Azevedo specializes in mental health, and paediatric nutrition, and has a keen interest in women’s health. At Alegria, she appreciates the diverse teams, excellent facilities, and the opportunity to see patients from different backgrounds. This allows her to change languages between each consultation and to get an insight into each other’s cultures. It makes her travel!

Her speciality

What she often treats

  • Mental health

  • Paediatric nutrition

  • Women's health

Her training

2019: Post-graduation in aesthetic medicine, Portuguese Catholic University

2017: Post-graduation in psychiatry and mental health, Portuguese Catholic University

2016: Post-graduation in paediatric nutrition, Portuguese Catholic University

2007-2013: Master’s degree in medicine, Beira Interior University and Nova University, Lisbon

Additional training: Newborn care, medical communication and new technologies, healthcare management

Spoken languages : anglais, portugais

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