« I want to work towards reducing gender inequality »

Dr Mathilde Weber is a gynecologist. She initially wanted to be a paediatrician. She fell in love with gynaecology and obstetrics during a 3rd year medical internship in Benin, particularly after attending her 1st delivery. So she embarked on a 5-year specialisation followed by a Masters in foetal surgery for spinabifida.

She loves monitoring pregnancies, especially ultrasounds. Although at Alegria she cannot carry out the 3 main ultrasound scans during pregnancy, she can nevertheless offer follow-up ultrasound scans. These ultrasounds are also used in general gynaecology, a speciality that Mathilde takes great pleasure in practicing.

Her aim is to help women better understand their bodies by adopting a more feminist and holistic medical approach. She attaches great importance to training her patients in self-palpation from age 25.

When she’s not working, she can be found surfing the waves of Caparica, or simply sitting in front of them and painting them in watercolour.

Her tools

  • Gynaecology

  • Obstetrics

  • Ultrasounds

What she treats most often

Her training

2021 : Inter-university diploma in foetal and placental pathologies (University of Paris)

2020 : State diploma of specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology and Medical thesis (University of Paris Saclay)

2019 : Inter-university diploma in foetal medicine (Université Paris Saclay)

2018 : Master’s degree in surgical sciences: “Evaluation of the benefit of a mesenchymal stem cell patch in the antenatal treatment of myelomeningocele in the ewe foetus” (Université Paris Saclay)

2016: Inter-university diploma in obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound, Port Royal course (University of Paris)

2014: University diploma in infectious pathologies of the pregnant woman, foetus and newborn (Université Paris Saclay)

Spoken languages : English, French, Portuguese

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