« There are no problems, only solutions »

Jennifer Haret is a clinical psychologist for adults, adolescents and children. She knew very early on that she wanted to be a psychologist. She loves helping her patients move towards greater well-being. She often tells them that there are no problems, only solutions. They may not be obvious or easy to find, but they do exist, so it’s important to be optimistic and patient.

Jennifer tailors her approach to patients, their life stories, individual requests and goals while taking into account their unique personalities. Even if she doesn’t practice any herself, Jennifer is very open to the use of therapeutic tools such as brief therapies, hypnosis or sophrology as a complement to psychological follow-up when necessary. This complementary approach is another reason why she chose to join Alegria.

Her speciality

  • Clinical psychology

What it most often deals with

Her training

2016/2017 – Training as a Professional Development Consultant. Orient’action Paris (75)

2014 – Training in the Montessori method adapted to elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease Toulouse (31)

2009/2010 – Master II Psychopathology and clinical practices University of Poitiers (86)

2006/2008 – Master I Psychology, clinical psychology and psychopathology options Université Jean Jaurès Toulouse (31)

Spoken languages : French

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