Somato-emotional osteopathy

Ostéopathie somato-émotionnelle

What is Somato-Emotional osteopathy ?

The Somato-Emotional approach to osteopathy considers that the body, tissues and organs record emotional peaks and traumas experienced since life in utero and up to early childhood through childbirth and into early childhood.

When can somato-emotional osteopathy help?

These emotions, if not expressed, become imprinted, and may one day translate into illnesses or difficulties such as:

  • being in a state of permanent stress,
  • suffering from recurrent mood disorders,
  • continually dwelling on dark thoughts,
  • experiencing anxiety or panic attacks with no obvious cause,
  • experiencing eating disorders,
  • having difficulty falling asleep and/or insomnia,
  • triggering one or more chronic illnesses,
  • having pain that is not relieved by conventional treatments,
  • having difficulties at school

It is common not to find the cause of these ailments or repeating patterns because it comes from unconscious memories.

How does it work ?

In a few sessions, the osteopath will free the tissues that have recorded this conditioning by freeing the cause of the cause, thus allowing the person to find the way back to themselves.

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