The Emotional Freedom Technique has its roots in psychotherapy and is based on knowledge of the acupuncture meridians and their relationship with the organs and emotions. It is a complete and well-constructed method that allows us to free ourselves from stress, blockages, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress…

Any frustration disturbs the body’s energy, resulting in an uncomfortable physical sensation. Using stimuli on different acupuncture points connected to the meridians, EFT puts the energy back into motion in the body. Unpleasant sensations and negative emotions fade away to make room for more serenity.

While the results can be quite quick, especially in children, the oldest and most traumatic emotions require some perseverance. Nevertheless, the results are convincing. It can be practiced on adults, adolescents, and children.

When to consult an EFT therapist?

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Managing emotions

  • Relationship management

  • Public speaking

  • Improvement of self-confidence

  • Improvement of sports performance

  • Exam preparation

  • Phobia management

  • Traumatic shocks (bereavement, accident...)

  • Childhood trauma

Course of the session

THE FIRST SESSION: The therapist has a long discussion with the patient in order to discover the reason for the consultation, the bio-psycho-social context, the personal, medical, and family history, and the lifestyle habits in order to find the cause of the symptoms.

PRACTICE: If the therapist feels that EFT is the right tool, then comes the practice. By lightly tapping on the ends of certain meridians, the circulation of energy is restored, blockages are released, and negative thoughts fade away.

FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS: These can be more or less numerous depending on the tenacity of the resistance. The therapist will be able to estimate the number of sessions at the first meeting with the patient.

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