This specialty is aimed at both amateur sportsmen and women who need follow-up and advice to start a sporting activity, and at experienced sportsmen and women who wish to optimize their mechanical, physiological, and metabolic performance, prevent injuries or treat them for a rapid recovery.

It is also possible to carry out sports fitness examinations, focusing on cardiovascular risks and musculo-articular structures.

Finally, the sports physician guides patients who wish to use physical activity to prevent or treat a chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, depression, obesity, osteoarthritis, etc.). Personalized exercises, adapted to the patient’s tastes and schedule, can be prescribed in this case.

When to consult a sports doctor?

  • Starting a sporting activity

  • Optimization of mechanical, physiological, and metabolic performance

  • Prevention and treatment of injuries

  • Fitness examination for sport

  • Support for chronic illness through sport

  • Medical preparation for competition

Course of the visit

INFORMATION: the general practitioner interviews the patient to find out the reason for consultation, allergies, personal, medical, and family history, professional and daily activities and sports, as well as lifestyle.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: blood pressure, auscultation with a stethoscope, palpation of the abdomen, ENT check, and possibly temperature check. In addition to this, he checks that there are no contraindications to physical activity (asthma, cardiovascular disease, past musculoskeletal injuries, etc.)

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: the doctor shares his diagnosis with the patient. He can prescribe a treatment, additional examinations (X-rays, analyses), draw up a certificate of fitness for sport or draw up a plan to return to sport, he can also refer the patient to a specialist colleague, dietician, osteopath, or physiotherapist. A follow-up appointment may be scheduled.

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