How to improve your self-confidence ?

Got a problem?

Dr Joy to the rescue!

Anna recently told me about a problem that is holding her back and preventing her from fulfilling her potential.

Many people suffer from this same problem, and you may be one of them…

Anna lacks self-confidence. She doubts, hesitates, and denigrates herself.

Self-confidence is an element essential to our self-fulfillment and to achieving our goals. It’s the force that motivates us, that puts us into action, that allows us to dare.

Do you think you lack it?

Don’t panic, there are solutions to boost your self-confidence!

I. So what exactly is self-confidence ?

Self-confidence is the ability to believe in yourself and your potential. It means moving forward no matter what happens. It is a positive belief that, in the future, you will succeed in achieving your goals. It’s the key to well-being, motivation and fulfilment.

Self-confidence makes it easier to deal with challenges, whether personal or professional. It also favours healthy relationships and trust in others.

II. Why is this so important ?

Imagine you are faced with a difficulty: if you have confidence in yourself, you will be better able to face it and draw a positive experience from it.

On the other hand, if you have doubts and are afraid of the outcome, you risk experiencing the event as a real test, which is synonymous with anxiety.

Having self-confidence is good for:

  • Mental health. Your thoughts are positive and optimistic about the future. You look to the future with calm.
  • Decision-making. You can make choices, even difficult ones, because you believe in your capabilities.
  • Success. By trusting yourself, you allow yourself to take risks and try different things that will help you move forward.
  • Resilience. You’ll be able to face life’s challenges with more distance thanks to your self-confidence.

Unfortunately, this is sometimes easier said than done, and many obstacles can get in your way.

III. What are the obstacles to achieving self-confidence ?

There are many of them, and they’re all in the same place: our minds!

What most often blocks us are the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs we have about the world and especially about ourselves.

  • When you put yourself down every time you’re scared: “I’m no good, I can’t do it, I’ve never done it before.”
  • When you avoid things that scares you or make you uncomfortable because “you’re not up to it.”
  • When you don’t give yourself the right to make mistakes: “I absolutely have to succeed otherwise everything will fall apart and I’ll be considered a failure”.
  • When you make a mistake and are overcome by a feeling of total failure: “There, I knew it, I’m incapable of anything”.
  • When you try, but it doesn’t work the first time and you give up: “I’ll never make it, I give up!”

All these beliefs are constructs of your mind that can be changed and replaced with beliefs of self-confidence.

How can you help? Through gentle therapies such as hypnosis, relaxation therapy, EMDR and EFT. Each therapy has its own benefits, and you can choose the one that suits you best!

IV. What methods can be used to boost self-esteem ?

  • Hypnosis: to increase self-confidence and develop your own personality. Hypnosis therapy involves searching the unconscious mind for the origins of a lack of self-confidence. Memories, images, words: these are all powerful elements that can come to the surface as you delve deeper into yourself. Once you’ve mastered the tools, you can even use self-hypnosis to find your own solutions to your problems!


  • Sophrology: Its aim is to develop self-awareness and personal resources. Sophrology is based on two principles:

1. Listening to yourself in order to get to know yourself better.

2. Focusing on all the positive things in life and adopting a more positive attitude towards ourselves.

By helping you to become aware of your strengths and abilities, and by encouraging you to focus on the positive, sophrology helps to build your self-confidence.


  • EMDR: using rapid eye movement stimulation, this powerful method allows the causes of low self-confidence to be reprogrammed in the subconscious mind and a new, positive belief to be installed.
    This change results in a new, constructive perception: your self-image is improved and is closer to the image you want!


  • EFT: A gentle technique to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence! By tapping on specific points on the body, EFT frees you from the negative emotions associated with a lack of self-confidence and reprograms your thought patterns.

Self-confidence is a key element in your life.  It allows you to flourish and to see the past, present and future with positivity and kindness.

You can start changing your way of thinking today by training your brain to focus on your successes and your qualities, so that they become part of your daily routine and strengthen your self-confidence.

If that’s not enough, meet our therapists Claire Colson and Béatrice de Possesse.



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