Dietetics is the science of healthy living and balanced nutrition. It covers all problems related to food. Its action is both preventive and curative.

The dietician begins their work by studying the patient’s eating habits and defining their goal.

They accompany the patient in the implementation of a particular diet but do not prescribe the diet themself.

Food is the essence of our body and a balanced diet is a giant step towards optimal health.

When to consult a dietician?

Course of the session

INFORMATION: During this first appointment, the dietician gets to know the patient by collecting useful information for their follow-up (medical history, weight, etc.). They listen to the needs and expectations, set objectives, and offer advice to achieve these objectives. The dietician then prepares a personalised dietary file proposing a number of sessions, a food plan for rebalancing, and recipes and tips.

FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION: During the follow-up consultations, the patient and dietician discuss the previous period, identify the difficulties encountered, evaluate the results, and set the next objectives until the goal is reached.

FINAL ASSESSMENT: During this assessment, it is jointly decided to space out the sessions or to stop them.

Prices :
1st appointment (1h30): 70 euros
Subsequent appointments (1 hour): 55 euros
Wardrobe exploration (1h30): 80 euros excluding transportation

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