Dietetic follow-up: cupboards exploration

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We keep hearing that we should be eating healthy, organic, free-range food… But in practice, when the fridge is completely empty on a rainy Tuesday evening, well, we do with what we have! But is what we have really that bad? Maybe it is, but maybe it isn’t. Have you ever done a dietetic follow-up ?

Élodie Auffray, Alegria medical centre’s friendly dietician-nutritionist, is now able to come to your home and assess the contents of your cupboards!

Who should do a dietetic follow-up?

This consultation is aimed at those who wish to:

  • Reassure themselves about the products they use on a daily basis
  • Improve their children’s diet / snacks
  • Find replacements for their usual products that they cannot find in Portugal
  • Have specific health needs and need to promote or replace certain foods

How does it work?

After making an appointment and telling us your needs, Elodie will come to your home for a 1.5 hour consultation during which you will discuss your favourite foods, your intake of them, and their benefits.

If necessary, alternatives will be proposed to you!

What happens next ?

  • Do you still need a helping hand to transform your cupboards into an organic grocery shop? Élodie can join you for your next shopping trip. She will show you what to use instead of those nasty sugary cereals your husband eats in the morning, or even that pesto sauce that contains only 1% basil. Reservations can be made here:
  • If you are on a healthy living journey, you would benefit from a personalised consultation with Élodie Auffray. Please click here to book.
  • Hopefully everything is clear, and you think it’s a good idea, if so please spread the word! Food is our primary medicine, sorting out your cupboards is the best way to lay the right foundations.

The cupboard exploration consultation lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes

The consultation price is €80.

Offer available in Lisbon only

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